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How Having a Website Benefits a Business?

If you’re going to have a business, it’s common knowledge that you’re more than likely going to have a website for it. A website is a valuable tool for marketing and streamlining a business.

It’s bound to have an innumerable return than that of putting your name and number in the phonebook (though still a viable marketing solution) and waiting for calls to come in; and with the advent of e-commerce development and integrated processes for creating automated office systems, not having a website is almost like not having a front door for your customers. You’re bound to lose them without one.

The Internet is now our biggest supplier of information - and if you’re going to run with the ‘big boys’, getting your information out there is the name of the game. The Internet levels that playing field for you. People like to do research on businesses they do business with beforehand. With a 24 hour, 7 day a week venue for people to come to, you’ll be able to put out the information that just may give you the edge over the next guy (especially if the next guy doesn’t have a website). A website gives you credibility in the eyes of potential customers and lends tangibility to your company’s existence. It makes you ‘real’ in a sense and puts ‘a name with a face’.

This also leads to another benefit of having a website -creating an image’. You can control and decide just what you want your potential customers to see. There are a number of tricks in the bag for doing this. Sometimes it’s by creating a simple page of information or by creating a colourful and savvy interactive site. It’s all a matter of how your business wants to portray itself to the world.

In speaking of which, ‘the world’ is yet another benefit of having a website for your company - reaching a larger customer base. With millions of viewers worldwide, you’re sure to reach somebody in another country who may have not been looking for your business when it was your business they found - but guess what? Thanks to the information and the pull of your website - they’re your newest customer. Customers near and far can gain instant access to detailed information about your business. That’s not something that’s likely to happen by just slapping your name in the phonebook.

With a website, pricing or product information associated with business costs can be updated in the blink of an eye- an option not available with paper based literature or advertising. (If you think about it, a website is a lot more environmentally friendly when it comes to advertising in that manner, also!) Customers want regularly updated information to get the best deals. A website will also open up an opportunity to boost your customer service options, allowing your (here and abroad) customers a chance to communicate about those special deals and products via the quick and easy channels of e-mail – again no phone charges here for you or your customer.

For certain types of businesses, setting up an e-commerce solution on your site can increase sales of a product or service and also set up exclusive deals for online shoppers. Having a website corners the market on impulse buys and on the shoppers who don’t want to wait for an item that may be out of stock; or for those who just don’t want to go out and wade through a sea of people to find it! Many customers like the benefit of having the item sent directly to the recipient. It saves them time, it saves them petrol and it saves their sanity.

Some extra bonuses worth mentioning: The cash flow that is created when all your business’s capital is no longer tied up in keeping merchandise in stock. With a website, all you need is a picture of the item. When a customer places the order, it can then be sent straight to their door through a distributor- no fuss no muss. This leaves cash flow in your business for other things. Then there’s also the added plus of using online questionnaires and quiz forms that allow you to obtain ‘Research & Development’ data, such as demographics for generating leads. This information can be a priceless tool in strategically targeting your market and boosting sales. Last but not least, there’s putting your banner and other promotional links on other websites. The more people you reach the better.

How Having a Website Benefits Your Business?